FISHSOURCE is a public online database of fisheries information resource about the status of fish stocks and fisheries. SFP created FishSource in 2007 to provide major seafood buyers with up-to-date, impartial, and actionable information on the sustainability of fisheries and the improvements they need to make to become sustainable.

FISHSOURCE´s goal is to help provide information on as many fisheries as possible to help guide as many companies as possible with their sourcing decisions and improvement goals. By assembling the essential data and making it freely available, FishSource lowers the key barrier to entry for companies to engage in sustainable and responsible sourcing. Companies thus save time and resources by accessing FishSource for sustainability information and fisheries status.

In order to provide Sustainable fisheries information systems, the Global Marine Commodities project is funding the development of 17 new gear-flag profiles on FISHSOURCE.

Visit the website: FishSource

See below the list of FISHSOURCE profiles supported by the project:

The following gear flag profiles GFPs are currently under development and being reviewed and edited by a panel of technical and scientific experts.

  1. Thread herrings nei
  2. Largehead hairtail
  3. Shortfin scad
  4. Pacific anchoveta
  5. Bluespotted cornetfish
  6. Lumptail searobin
  7. Red-eye round herring 

The development of the following five new GFPs will be completed before the end of 2018:

  1. Bigeye tuna – Eastern Pacific Ocean (1 Ecuador gear flag profile)
  2. Yellowfin tuna – Eastern Pacific Ocean (4 Gear Flag Profiles: 3 for Ecuador and 1 for Costa Rica)

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