Key considerations for a diagnosis of fisheries issues: Generating information for participatory fishery dialogues

There are many different fisheries assessment systems available, the majority of which focus on the technical and scientific aspects of fishery performance. The outputs from these analyses may enable insights into the range of issues but may not provide an in-depth insight into connections between issues or deeper causes. This document is part of a series of guidance tools developed by the UNDP to assist those wanting to establish dialogues aimed at improving fisheries management. It is the ‘front end’ of a well-established methodology known as Root Cause Analysis (RCA) which is used in a wide variety of situations to generate an understanding of the drivers that underlay environmental, social or economic issues in commodity production. This guidance focuses on fishery dialogues and utilises the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and interpretive documents such as the FAO’s Guidelines for Small Scale Fisheries, as the basis for ensuring that the RCA is fully informed by a consideration of issues agreed internationally as being important to ensuring sustainable and responsible fisheries.

Organization(s): UNDP
Publication year: 2021
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Language(s): English

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