Sustainable Seafood Policy Toolkit for Seafood Suppliers and Buyers

This document provides guidance for policy development only. Yet, in doing so, the paper highlights the need for further attention to: i) the current gaps left by seafood sustainability standards and policies in regard to a number of key issues, such as climate change, or the social and human dimensions of the entire seafood value-chains to prevent, for example, human rights abuses; ii) the lack of meaningful standards that can guide policy development to improve sustainability performance and human well-being in small-scale fishing communities from producing countries in the Global South, who are widely recognized as among the most vulnerable groups involved in seafood production systems; and iii) the need for adequate resource allocation and due diligence to prevent a prevalence of policy over practice and ensure businesses produce the planned positive outcomes.

Organization(s): PNUD, SFP
Publication year: 2020
Geographic keywords:
Language(s): English

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