Pertimbangan Pokok untuk Ruang Dialog Multi-Pemangku Kepentingan untuk Tata Kelola Perikanan yang Lebih Baik

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is committed to enabling people to share their goals,needs and commitment to managing the use of natural resources (water, forests, soils, fisheries) in a way that meets global sustainable development goals. The UNDP has been facilitating dialogues between people involved in a variety of commodities such as coffee, oil palm, soy, beef and cocoa. The move into seafood enabled this approach to be applied to seeking solutions to the well documented issues associated with overfishing and the inequitable distribution of benefits from the use of fishery resources. As publicly owned resources, fisheries are more likely to be sustainable when stakeholders are actively involved in the management process. The Sustainable Marine Commodity Platform approach ensures that those in the wider supply chain, who also have an interest in sustainable use, are proactively included.

Organization(s): UNDP | SFP
Publication year: 2020
Geographic keywords:
Language(s): English

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